15 pages, 5″ x 7″, edition of 10.
Handprinted and handbound with letterpress cover and spine.
Collaboration with Terrence Chouinard / the Wing and the Wheel Press.

Analog was designed during the summer of 2022. The pages were printed at Kay’s studio after Terrence Chouinard designed its layout. The binding was accomplished by the designer at his studio in Gary, Indiana.

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Artist’s Statement

I grew up in an analog world. As a child, some of my most vivid memories were made in nature; like the magical day I walked through a meadow and saw, felt, and heard a cloud of white butterflies rising around me. Floating on my back in a pond with the bright sunlight coming through my eyelids and smelling its fine, muddy, greenish odor. Listening to the wind move through cottonwood trees.

Any friends I made were made in person. I was a painfully shy adolescent and if I had had the opportunity to use a screen to interact with people, I am sure I would have opted for it. But I’m not convinced that would have done me any favors.

Just a few generations after mine, the way children experience nature and learn about the world has changed significantly. We are more connected to each other digitally yet more isolated physically. Our sensory world shrinks significantly when we experience life through a screen. What are we missing? What are we learning?

The places and activities in this little book are messy, imperfect, and they unfold in their own time. A few might be considered a bit unsafe. They involve smells and temperatures and other bodies. They remind me of my childhood.